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Proudly Endorsed by America First Republicans

Dick Morris 

“Dan Franzese is a true Republican conservative. That’s why I am endorsing him for Congress. I urge you to retire Lois Frankel and vote for Dan Franzese,” said Morris, a bestselling author and Newsmax host and commentator. “Dan is running in the primary for the Republican nomination to oppose Frankel. If he wins the primary, he has a legitimate chance to defeat her in 2024,” Morris said. “But for Franzese to win the election, he needs to win the primary. He's facing two other candidates. Neither of them can win,” he concluded.

Republican Assembly Palm Beach County

"We are proud to endorse Dan. With a lifelong history of high-level success and community service, we believe he will be an excellent member of Congress,” said chapter President Jane Justice. “We are confident in his ability, stability, and impeccable character. He is the candidate that will beat Lois Frankel and help Donald J. Trump drain the swamp!”

The Second Amendment Constitutionalists of Florida (SACFLA)

“We enthusiastically endorse Dan for Congress,” said SACFLA President Suzanne Falcone. “His unwavering commitment to the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership make him a standout among Congressional candidates. We know that when Dan is in Congress, gun owners will have a friend in Washington.”

2022 Endorsements:

Rudy Giuliani

Dick Morris

Dr. Keith Feith 

Captain Seth Keshel 

Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association

Restore Liberty

Republican Liberty Caucus



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Dan Franzese is the ONLY  Candidate in this race who has Endorsed
Donald J. Trump More than a Year Ago

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