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Dan Franzese: Statement on Israel

The people of Israel should all be in our thoughts and prayers as they respond to this

weekend’s absolutely horrific attack by Hamas. We should all join with world leaders

in condemning Hamas and their supporters for this genocide.

The news from Israel keeps getting worse and worse, with more than 1000 dead,

including at least 20 Americans. They have tortured their victims, desecrated their

bodies, beheaded infants, and taken civilian hostages. These are all war crimes that

should be met with the harshest measures, and Israel has my full support as they


Equally troubling to me has been the support shown for Hamas’s actions by some

Americans, including students at highly regarded colleges such as Harvard and New

York University. This is appalling, and we must call them out for this hate.

I have often said that when I am elected to Congress, Israel will have a friend in

Washington. I stand unwavering in that support, and I hope that Israel can count on

you as well.


Dan Franzese


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