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Republican Assembly Palm Beach County is Proud to Endorse Republican Candidate Dan Franzese


LAKE WORTH, FL November 1, 2023 – The Palm Beach County Chapter of The Florida

Republican Assembly (FRA) has announced that it has endorsed Republican Congressional

Candidate Dan Franzese, who is running in the 2024 Republican primary in Florida’s 22nd

Congressional District.

“We are proud to endorse Dan. With a lifelong history of high-level success and community

service, we believe he will be an excellent member of Congress,” said chapter President Jane

Justice. “We are confident in his ability, stability, and impeccable character. He is the candidate

that will beat Lois Frankel and help Donald J. Trump drain the swamp!”

“I would like to thank The Florida Republican Assembly for this amazing endorsement. This is a

rock-solid conservative group that shares my values and dedication to the U.S. Constitution. I

am honored to receive this endorsement,” said Franzese.

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is a grassroots movement of Reagan

Conservatives in 26 States presently and growing! The Conscience of the Republican

Party, The Federation of Assemblies aim to reclaim and restore the Party back to its pro -

Constitution roots:Small Government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent America.

About Dan Franzese:

Daniel J. Franzese has spent his life building things and giving back to the community. Dan is

running on an America First platform and is the only candidate in his race who has endorsed

Donald J. Trump to be America’s 47th President.

He was the 2022 Republican Nominee in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, winning 45% of

the vote in the general election. He’s a successful businessman, a family man and a community

leader. You can learn more about Dan at


Contact: Jake Menges

Phone: 347-266-9079



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